Dance Audtions

It’s Audition Time, Monday 8/2 – Thursday 8/5

Please call the school to schedule your audition NOW!


The dance audition will include but is not limited to the applicant: 1) performing a Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop or Dance solo AND 2) a brief personal interview.

The applicant:

  • will perform a prepared short dance solo 1 - 1 1/2 minutes in length. The solo may be performed in any dance style.
  • must bring and provide all music on a USB/jump drive, iPhone (on airplane mode) or i-Pod cued to the beginning of the preferred selection. No computers or laptops. Music must be appropriate for a school audition.
  • must wear appropriate dance attire and shoes or socks for audition.

(All students participating in the Traditional Auditioning and Interviewing Process AND the Alternative Auditioning and Interviewing -All Opportunity Applicant Process must wear Ballet or Jazz shoes (no Jazz boots) OR socks. Hair must be neatly secured away from the face. Baggy clothing, sweats and jewelry are not acceptable.)

Girls:             Leotard, footless OR convertible tights.

Top-fitted t-shirt, sweatpants/leggings, and socks may be worn IF the applicant does NOT have dance attire.

Boys:             T-shirt with men's tights OR t-shirt with sweatpants or jazz pants.

Form fitting t-shirt, shorts and socks may be worn IF the applicant does NOT have dance attire.

  • will participate in a brief personal interview to help determine the student's level of discipline, interest, and suitability for the program.

Note: All students auditioning will be given FULL CONSIDERATION and will be selected based on their POTENTIAL for success, academic background, and prepared audition. These students do NOT need to have previous experience in dance, but it is desirable. They may audition based on sight and demonstration by the master teacher on site to determine potential and willingness for entrance in the dance program.

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