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About The Arts Academy Of Excellence

The Arts Academy of Excellence provides a highly effective, rigorous, engaging educational program and experience that ensures student achievement in all core content areas while enabling students an opportunity to realize their maximum potential through the study and exploration of the arts.

The Academy serves students in grades 6-12 with an emphasis on arts and will target students in the north area of Miami-Dade County, specifically in areas under-served through school choice such as Opa-locka, Miami Gardens, Hialeah-Miami Lakes, and North Miami. It will focus on those students interested in exploring arts both as an area of personal interest and academic study.

The Academy's educational program is based on the philosophy that programs that promote the arts serve as a tremendous boost and asset to their communities, especially communities that are home to underserved populations. The Academy will focus on and offer the arts strands of dance, music, theater, visual arts, and design.

The arts curriculum applies a global approach to lead learners toward identifying relationships and traits common to the arts in American and world cultures from differing historical and geographic perspectives. The curriculum will guide students toward a deeper understanding of how to interpret forms and artistic genres from different perspectives to enable students to arrive at their own conclusions. Teachers will enable students the opportunity to participate in dedicated art courses and in multidisciplinary lessons that infuse the arts into their daily instruction. The School will provide access to innovative arts facilities and practice spaces for small groups and assemblies through strategic partnerships supporting arts education. The Academy’s philosophy encompasses the belief that the arts is a key component to a complete education and will include and reflect the following:

Arts education fosters brain development.

Art is a basic part of a good education.

Art is critical for educating the whole child.

Skills developed in art increase achievement in other areas.

Arts Strands

The Arts Academy of Excellence will focus on the strands of Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts, and Design and will provide intellectually stimulating and educationally challenging classes in the arts.

By reaffirming the vital role of the arts in education, the Arts Academy of Excellence will commit, through a rigorous arts curriculum, to the goals of providing a well-balanced education. Through the arts, the student will be provided opportunities to explore and experiment with how they learn and exist within the expressive world. Ultimately, the arts curriculum will apply a global approach that will lead students toward identifying relationships and traits common to the arts in world cultures from differing historical and geographic perspectives. The primary goal in arts education is to provide all students an opportunity to develop and explore their creative potentials.

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