At the Arts Academy of Excellence, our after school programs focus on the arts and technology and provide our students with the opportunity to further hone their talents through high quality, interactive instruction in the areas of:

Music Production – Students learn to use music industry production techniques and software in order to create and record their own songs for a personalized CD.

Visual & Media Arts – Student learn fundamentals of how to think visually and help set the stage in movies, theatre, live music, and more using traditional media, mixed media, graphic design and digital media.

Creative Writing – Rhythm Arts Poetry Production - Students learn poetry and creative writing skills as well as techniques for performing creative works.

Dance – Students learn various dance genres, focusing on body awareness, technical facility, vocabulary, expression and personal creativity. Classes are gender neutral.

Making & Technology – Students explore evolving technologies such as electronics, virtual reality, urban hacking, 2-D & 3-D design and fabrication.

CodeMasters: Mobile App Lab – Students work with certified teachers to learn the mobile app design and development process and create and code their own Android apps that include high-powered features such as text-to speech, location sensing, camera integration, drawing, speech recognition, and GPS.

CodeMasters: Robotics – Students work with certified teachers to design and build their own robots and then incorporate coding, computer programming, science and engineering concepts necessary to make their 'bots move and operate. Tutoring is also provided.

Enrollment forms for After School are available in the Main Office.  


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